Belly Button Baby

Yes, belly buttons are cool. They can be attractive and sexy on the right belly that is. You take a lean shapely young lady at the beach in a bikini that shows off this attractive feature and you will have eyes turning to it like a diamond glimmering in the sun. Just as it should be. But then, you pierce it with a ring and all bets are off. How unattractive that is. You just spoiled that sparkling diamond and now you have an unnatural “take your eyes off the real beauty of a belly” and watch the inner reaction burst forth with “What did you you that for?”

Now some people like that sort of thing or they wouldn’t be doing it. However, I am of the opinion that how on earth can an added ornament pierced into a perfectly designed, pristine belly button give any value to something that is already perfect. I believe that it is an insult to the original designer which in this case is God Himself. If belly buttons were meant to have a ring attached they would have been born that way. Imagine a world that values the natural look – the way we were born – and living accordingly.

If all our minds were focused on God and His creation we would never have the need to express ourselves in the unnatural ways of piercing our belly buttons and other body parts. Truly, piercing is an expression of self absorption for achieving attention. Humans should have a better view of themselves which will enableĀ us to look beyond ourselves and be more productive members of society. Let us express ourselves as we really are and be grateful for how we really look as God created us to be. Now that makes much more sense to me.