Tattoos are an incredible fad with young and older people. They have been around a very long time and keep gaining popularity. Tattoos are being placed anywhere and everywhere on the human body. Many people make unwise decisions that they regret later in life because tattoos are permanent. There us no real way to erase a tattoo. Tattoos are constant reminders of situations or reasons that influenced having it done. So if you no longer want to be reminded of something that tattoo represents…well too bad, you are stuck with it.

There is a way to take your mind off of a bad tattoo and that is to go and rent a limousine for a “night on the town“. You see, if your mind is occupied with something else that makes you happy, then you will completely forget about that stupid tattoo that has been bothering you. Think twice before you get that permanent ink injected into your layers of skin and flesh. Make sure you can live with it for a lifetime or be prepared for a great disappointment years down the road. Whatever possesses someone to do this anyway? How can a tattoo make your life better anyway? Well, I say it won’t.Continue reading

When I see a belly button pierced with a ring or some other ungodly thing, I here it ring out against the insanity of it all. What is the purpose of drilling a hole through your flesh and inserting a useless ugly metal ring?  Shall I clip on a dog leash and pull you around? How about a ring through the nose?  Bulls have rings in their noses so they can be led around the barnyard without fear that the bull will resist. Bulls obey the ring since it causes pain to pull against it.

Now what on Earth is a human being doing with a ring in his nose or anywhere else the demented mind can think of?  How about the eyelid, the cheek, the lips, the private parts, you name it and someone has pierced it. The only body part these people don’t need to pierce is their brain since it already has been pierced with a dagger of stupidity. Some people have more metal attached to their body than a metal detector would know what to do with.  In case no one has told you, you look incredibly ugly and foolish.

Anyone concerned about infections?  You should be.  Anytime you puncture the body you allow for infection to set in.  Why on Earth would you want to invite the possibility of an infection?  Just get one of those rings caught on something and have it ripped out.  Not only would that be extremely painful, but think how long it would take to heal.  Think about the risk of infection then.  Not only that, but now you’ve got a nasty scar.  Imagine it tearing out your lip or some other sensitive area.  If you were to use a limousine service how foolish would you feel if it started bleeding all over the seats?Continue reading